New vs. Returning Report?

Has anyone successfully found/created a report that will detail new-to-file vs. reactivated patrons over a specific period of time?

If you’re looking for lists of patrons, you could do this with a couple of different mail lists that meet your specific qualifying criteria. So for example, you could have a list you re-run monthly of truly new-to-file folks using the field Patron Date Entered and then a list referencing ticket data of folks with a ticket date and time purchase in the last month but without a ticket date purchase in the prior two years or something like that. Is that the kind of information you’re looking for or something else?

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Sorry for the delayed reply. I’m not getting email notifications when a response is posted. :frowning_face:

That could work, I just wish TM had easier functionality for something that most every other ticketing service provides as built-in.

You can change your email notifications under your account - preferences - emails. But holler if that’s not working and we’ll try to figure it out.

You should only need to build and save the criteria once and then just re-run and change the dates. Saved criteria is really flexible because you can pull it from a mail list, report or data export, depending on your output need. I can’t speak to other ticketing databases’ default reports, but I really like the detailed control/power of TM’s search criteria. Rather than deferring to a default new-to-file definition, I can exactly specify, relative to my organization’s structure and use, who I want to consider new for any given project.