Office365 as Meeting Server


Has anyone had any experience using Office 365 as their meeting server? I am using TM as a cloud-based application.

I’m curious if anyone has had any success, and if not, are there any work-arounds that I could make use of.

FYI: My DNS is configured correctly as per this help file, as is SMTP AUTH for the email account that I will be using.

We’ve had a few clients set this up successfully, both cloud and self-hosted.

You’ve got the first step: You need a dedicated email address for scheduling meetings/tasks. We often see scheduling@, as an example.

Once you’ve got that setup on the Office 365 side, you’ll need to configure both IMAP (Incoming) and SMTP (Outgoing) for that mailbox, within TM. The Outgoing email is for sending invitations to the Task participants and the Incoming email is required for receiving responses to those invitations from Task participants.

All the settings for that are here: