Online Events Question

Hey Friends,

Just wondering how everyone has been creating Online Events in TM.

What is your process for Maps, Seating, and everything?

Hi @ShaneYPT and welcome to Community! When you say Online Events do you mean making an in-person event available for sale online or do you mean selling virtual content?

I mean selling virtual content.

Thanks for clarifying Shane! Here’s some foundational information on Artsman’s help pages - there’s a lot here:

There’s also a couple of different posts here in Community around specific use cases such as virtual Galas. You can search all of these uses the category “Live Streaming Content”.

Artsman has put a bunch of effort during the pandemic into live streaming content with several upgrades throughout the year. The basic settings are pretty simple - There’s a “live” tab in every performance detail window where you can put the content link. And you can control how long the link is available in the performance “web settings” tab. If you need further details on these, click the “help” button from the performance window and it’ll bring you straight to those help pages.

If you’ve got a specific use case you’re not sure how to setup, give us a shout and I’m sure someone here on Community has tried something similar and can help figure it out.

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