Order error report - clearing the error

Could someone please remind me how to clear the message that a patron has an order balance, when they don’t.
the AR is clear, I’ve run all the reports in the Utility Functions and Database Analysis category and I can confirm 100% these patrons don’t own anything yet I’m seeing many patrons still in red saying they all owe a balance.


Sometimes I have found that logging out and then logging back in again solves some of those pesky errors. The database needs to refresh.

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Hi Kyla, one of the things I’ve found helpful is using the Recalculate Patron Balances. If you go to Setup -> Batch Functions -> you’ll find options to verify Order or Patron Balances. Help pages below on the step by step :slight_smile: Hope this helps!



Try right-clicking on the patron’s most recent order (or most recent that matches the “order balance”) and choose Rebuild from the pop-up menu.

I’ve been seeing a similar error quite a bit recently, except that it’s been saying patrons have credits when they don’t. Rebuilding the orders has been fixing it for me.