Pay Per View vs Video On Demand

Hi All!

Does anyone have any experience with offering pre-recorded video as streamed content via their ticketing site?

Conversations at my organisation are heading down a path of potentially wanting to offer a hybrid of Pay Per View (video available as an event scheduled for a specific day and time) and Video On Demand (video available for a period of days so patrons can watch at a time of their choosing).

It’s a lot to get our heads around, so I’m curious to hear about your experiences with this new functionality - especially if you’ve tried either of the options we’re considering.


Hi Greg,

The Development Team here at Artsman has been working hard to add new features that may just fit what you are looking for. Once they have been released watch for details in Three Thought Thursday and the version release notes.


Hi Greg,

Just to add to Bonnie’s answer, you may want to take a look at what already exists in TM for live content:

That page has quite a bit of info for how to do an event with a hybrid or exclusive live content component.