Pick-Your-Own Subscription Package

Tommy Karr asked a question I think a lot of us share at least in part… Anyone successfully developed a flex/choose-your-own subscription offer and made it available for purchase online? We’d love to offer something like what Woolly Mammoth offers online. To add to the complication, Tommy’s packages cross multiple venues.

I’d love to hear other people’s ideas and experiences, but there are a couple of options I’m aware of depending on an organization’s specific package structure. and as always, I would highly recommend any user exploring a package solution to reach out to Artsman with their specific needs to help find the best solution. The devil (or angel) is in the details!

• Passes as flexible subscriptions - What’s nice about these online is that a patron can easily purchase a package as one pass and then redeem based on any variety of pass setup options. Doug showed us how to put simple html into the external notes of passes as well, which makes redeeming them online very patron friendly. We literally link to the webstore show pages for qualifying events so a patron can see what shows they can pick from right on their pass page. And once the pass is used for payment, it will apply whatever sales rules discounts you have attached to the pass. Great multi-venue choice if your discounting works into a single sales rule structure, which is pretty flexible.

• Optional events in a subscription module - You can choose to make certain events optional within a subscription module AND also set a minimum number of required events. So online (or within the desktop app), all shows would be initially booked, but the patron can then simply uncheck the ones they don’t want. If they unselect too many to meet the minimum, they won’t be allowed to proceed to payment. This could be a little less flexible for multi-venues if all those venues have reserved seating and favorite seats, but for general admission or two venues that could have comparable favorite seats based on best available number or something like that, I think it could be a lovely interface option online. From a marketing standpoint, the opt-out of optional events versus opting into optional events is a powerful psychological way to softly drive more sales or even just more adventurous try-something-new buying.

• Custom plugin - Artsman can build specific plugins for your venue if your setup doesn’t fit into a pre-packaged option. This costs, of course, but if your structure is similar year after year after year, you may find the cost well worth it.

What other options can people think to try out?

Thanks, Sophia. We’ve been told by ArtsMan that none of these options will work because we have multiple venues.

Are all your venues on one outlet? We definitely use a pass as a flexible subscription that crosses venues…

We have struggled with this at the Warner for the last few years. We too have multiple spaces, one of which is multi-configurable. Our patrons purport to want the “same” seats regardless of configuration but the reality is the configurations are so vastly different that it is impossible to “map” the seats annualy. What we end up with is a traditional season on our mainstage, 4 shows, and then at least 1 of 5 shows in our studio.

Our mainstage has 3 price points and the studio is a single price point. I can’t do a traditional flex-pass that uses average ticket price without confining patrons to the rear of the main theatre.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Well if Artsman says plugin for your combination of needs, then plugin it is :slight_smile: We’ve come to really depend on ours - worth the cost. And both Doug and Darwin are great about asking the right questions to help structure the setup in the right way for long-term use. You’ve got plugins for something else at Warner, right Randale?

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All our venues are run through Theatre Manager. I still don’t understand support saying we can’t do this. It’s very frustrating.

For example, we currently have a 6-show and 8-show fixed subscription, both featuring shows in multiple venues. We were told we can’t sell these online because the packages can’t cross venues.

Starting in our 2019-20 season we’re hoping to move to choose-your-own packages where the patron can renew or buy new a 6-show or 8-show where they can choose the productions, dates, and times for each.

We have yet to pull the trigger on a plug-in. Discussion is on going. About the time that we decide on how we want to modify the subscription it is too close to role over to get it done.

Packages are interesting in their own right. The only way to access them is through a custom URL. It is not very intuitive online.