Pledge Payments Reports

Hi all,

We’ve been using this pause to deep dive into historical giving. Part of this is wanting to look at capital pledges vs. regular annual giving.
We are looking to create a report that:
a) tells us pledge payments per year
b) tells us if patrons gave yearly in addition to their pledge payments, or if their pledge payments were their annual gift

I really like the “Donor Detail by Receipt” report, but it doesn’t allow you to export it into an excel spreadsheet. Does anyone have any tips for pulling this data?

Thanks so much!


Addressing the first part of this question- are the capital pledges and annual giving set up as two separate campaigns? If they are, we can pull specific information about each campaign, then compare the data.

Unfortunately, some reports cannot be exported. There are two alternative options- using direct data export or you can copy and paste information into excel (however this can look messy). Hope that helps!