Plugins - What do you use?

Hello! We are looking to do some customization upgrades to our tickets site.

I am wondering who here has purchased plugins from Artsman that are really beneficial to your organization. Trying to get a few other ideas that might make for a smoother process for the user purchasing online, with discounts, donations, etc.


Hi @bmeegan! Proctors probably isn’t the broader pool of ideas your looking for, but in case it’s helpful we currently have plugins for three pieces of our world:

  • Group Sales Online (set discount rates based on minimum number of tickets to a single performance purchased at one time)
  • Education Course Sales (set additional required patron fields like birthdate and gender and t-shirt size that are required to completed for the attendee of the course before you can checkout)
  • Subscription Sales and Benefits (our most complicated one that does auto discounting, auto adding of benefit passes, restricts checkout until the crossvenue show is added to order, provides donor discount benefits and subscriber add-on ticket benefits, etc)

Darwin is awesome about asking questions that get to the crux of the request and walking through all possible related scenarios, which is very helpful when you have a need but aren’t sure how to step through it all. And the plugins are immensely helpful for establishing consistency of processing for our more complicated sales, regardless of who the seller is or where the patron goes to buy the special thing.

This is all great information! I had asked over a year ago about collecting birthdate for course sales and was told it wasn’t an option. Have they made these plugins available for general use?

Hi @APGroups Jackie! My understanding is that plugins are by their nature custom workflows to an organization, not general use features. I believe several organizations have birthdate as a required fields for course sales, but their plugins also contain other requirements, event checks, components, etc. For example, our course plugin outlines several different performance flag options so we can specify different required fields depending on the specific class. We and many others don’t want every course sales method event to require birthdate, only some of them. This is the value of a plugin build - you can be very granular about your specific business structure and needs. I realize that’s probably not the answer you’re hoping for, but the power of plugins is the ability to develop a workflow specific to your organization.

Thanks. I wasn’t offered the option of building a plugin at the time. Now I’ve learned something new!