Print at home tickets QR Code

Lately, I have noticed several print at home and downloaded tickets have a QR code and not the bar code. The QR code scans much quicker. How come some patrons have barcode and others QR? and is it possible to make all downloadable tickets QR?

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Hi Sheri-Lynn,

Yes, the QR Codes are much faster to scan and contain more information for validation than the ladder bar codes.

The default for Print at Home tickets was updated to use a QR Code format. This was announced in the version 10.07.316 release notes on October 5th, 2021. This setting is located in the Web Options tab of Company Preferences under Ticket Delivery Options/Fees. The QR Code is easily read by the Linea Pro scanner and can be added to tickets printed at the box office when using Microcom printers.