Print at Home vs Print at Box Office

I seem to recall this question coming up before, though I’m not finding it in my support emails or here.

Is there a report that shows how many tickets were printed at home vs how many tickets were printed at the Box Office?

Just searched Facebook, and @Stuart_Benoit replied last year:

You could do this a couple of ways. 1. Export the data from the Ticket Data For Patron data set, then just add all the fields you would need. (Printed by, and print date). 2. Or pick any house report ie. House Report-By Patron (With Notes) - rHouseReportNameNotes. Then add the following Criteria. Event # is one of (17-XYZ) Some Show and Ticket Printed Buy is one of Web Sales (Your may be called something else) and Ticket Scan Date is not empty. This will give you only the patrons who printed at home, and had their ticket scanned.

You could also get a years worth of data if you use the Revenues by Promotion (Detailed Breakdown) report with the same Criteria, but replace the show with Performance Dates (Jan1 2017 to Dec 31 2017) to give you how many people used print at home for the year.

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