Printing issues on Promotion tickets

Not sure if it’s something I did or possibly something about the new Hardware Preferences but I set up an event that wanted a single ticket to any of a series of events and a ticket that allowed the bearer to all of the events. I created a single event with a promotion ticket for each price code. When I printed a batch of 50 for the client, about 30% printed with errors. Single tickets seem to print fine. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the new hardware setup and if I have to slow down TM when printing tickets. Anyone else experience anything like this?

Hey Oliver,

We had this issue two weeks ago too, and it was very frustrating, as it wasted a lot of ticket stock.
In Master User, you go to:
Setup-> Hardware Devices->select the Printer icon on Printer 1 (or 2)->select your Printer and Open->type in 30/60 sec for the Print Delay->Save

With us, the network wasn’t communicating quickly enough between Theatre Manager and the Printer, hence why it was printing weirdly every few tickets. The Print Delay adds sixths of a second between each ticket to allow the ticket printer to process the information before moving on to the next ticket.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


We use 20/60 delay, and it works.

Thanks for your answers. I’ll test that (sometime) this week