Project & Resource Billing - Order Balance Amt Mismatch

Hey there Facilities Management Users! We’re just starting to use the project and resource billing features and I’m making some rookie mistakes. Specifically, I’m struggling to get the order balances to match the actual resource value. I set a project to Estimate type and put in a deferred acct rollover date. We make soem edits as necessary during the planning process and then that date comes and goes (with no apparent change in A/R) and at some point when payment is received I need the order to carry an actual balance to pay off. I change the project from Estimate to Invoice and then the fight begins. Some portion of the related task resources are transacted and carry a balance and others just don’t ever seem to “appear”. I can’t yet find a pattern to which resources get transacted and which don’t. I rebuild the order and restart and sometimes have to just have to delete the resources and start all over again. It all feel like a shot in the dark with a different successful action each time. I suspect that I’m screwing up the correct order of operations and would be very grateful for any guidance or billing tips you can provide!

We have the same thing happen to us. We are in the middle of a support ticket for it.

Stuart - long time no see! How are you? Ah so maybe I’m not a total dolt then - thanks for jumping in!

Thanks, both – I’m investigating this now and it’s high priority. It’s Case 150591 in our support tracker, if you need a reference.

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Hi there! I found myself having this same problem with the task resources today. Ended up having to just create a new task with resources to get it to work.