Prospect Ticket, Sub, Donor Profile Report

Justin Cook posted in the FB group: “In need of export/reporting help. Board governance needs a report of subscribers with fname, Sname, zip code, number of years as a subscriber, donation amount by year for the last three years. Any thoughts?”

So I’ve actually taken to building a 1-sheet report in Tableau or Excel for this kind of snapshot profile because for each campaign, the Development team wants to see really specific information. Sometimes this is easier outside of TM, though it’s a long first-time build project to cross data files. That said, the Mail List Telemarketing Report is a great quick reference for this kind of thing and you can specify control house performances only on the ticket history as well as the length of ticket and donor history you want included. Not perfect if you use passes for subscriptions or something, but you could also put those folks in their own mail lists and create “piles” of tagged profiles.

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