Ransomware and cyber security

Hello all!
We’ve recently had our tech team share some articles with us concerning malware, randsomware and other companies being hacked for patron information.
I was wondering what other places do to protect themselves against this kind of hack? Does TM have something in place already to protect the data?
I don’t know much about the topic and have been asked to see what general practices are.


We are using cloud hosted TM, so I guess we are just hoping ArtsMan takes care of that for us. LOL!

We do randomly get notices from GoDaddy that they have found malware on our website. When we look for it, or have our web designer look for it, we can’t find anything, so we are thinking it is a marketing tool to get us to pay for GoDaddy protection.

Hi Kayla,

This is an excellent question. We actually outline in our online help pages how to setup your network for PCI Compliance which includes protecting your database from attacks.


The installation page for Postgres (the application that holds the database) has some key points we recommend listed at the top of the page. You may wish to share these links with your IT company.


We have our administration servers separated from our TM servers thank goodness since I’ve had to deal with ransomware 4 times in the last 18months.

No matter how many times staff are told to be diligent they continue to be careless when opening attachments. That being said the infected emails are becoming more and more sophisticated.