Remote Backups with google cloud?


Has anyone had success using the remote backups feature in TM to backup to your google drive?
We have tried the FTP and the HTTP settings with login and password but with no luck.

What do you use for your off site back up solution for TM?

Hi Jeff, that’s an interesting question. I asked our team about it - this might help a little.

How to Sync Your Desktop PC with Google Drive (and Google Photos)

Google has been doing its part to make sure everyone has a backup of important data, and it recently released a new tool for Windows and Mac users to take that redundancy to the next level. Appropriately named Backup and Sync, it’s a quick and effective tool to store your important files in the cloud.

  • So basically you just configure TM Server to put backups in a directory that syncs to Google Drive

  • the same would be true with DropBox or other disk services

  • But since the backups contain personal data, and potentially credit card data, Jeff would need to be aware of the implications

Anyone else using a similar method?


Thank you!