Report for Number of Complimentary Tickets

Hi there,

I’m looking to generate a list of number of comps issued for each show (since 2009). We create comps by discounting our single ticket type 100%. Can anyone suggest how I might be able to do this in an efficient way?

Thank you!

Hello Lo! We’ve found the most efficient way to do this is to make sure all of our comp promotions have the same dedicated Report Subtotal Group letter (we use “c” for “comp” though you could pick any unused letter). You can pull Report Subtotal Group letter from the Promotions Discount “table” within Ticket Data for a Patron, which makes it available for most of the revenue reports. If you don’t have this setup in the promotion setup yet, I would highly recommend it. However, if all your comps truly result in a $0 total ticket price (not all of ours do), you could also pull criteria ALA Ticket Total Price = 0. Or, as I’m thinking of it, you could also specify with a Promotion Discount field by searching Promotion % Discount = 1. Several ways to skin this cat I suspect - curious to hear how others approach!