Report for patrons with gift certificates

I am trying to run a report in Theatre Manager that will tell me how many of our patrons hold gift certificates. We exchanged almost everyone’s tickets last spring with a gift certificate, which was great because it put that income into a deferred account. Now I need to know how many of those certificates could come in. I have tried all the report headings I can think of (orders, patrons, tickets, etc.) and nothing works. If the hive-mind has an answer, I’d love to hear it.

Hi @LCan and welcome to Community! When you’re looking for the number of patrons who share a behavior, then mail lists are probably your best bet. And since you’re looking for patrons who have a specific kind of gift certificate, then you’ll need data file for Pass/GC Data. Here’s an example we did recently:

If, however, you want to know the value of these specific gift certificates, then I would recommend looking at report options in the Passes Reports category of Reports. Our go-to is the rMemberSummary. Using the same criteria as above and the default summation settings, you get something like this:

Hope that helps!