Report: Patrons Who Have Attended a Specific Set of Concerts

I am trying to run a report of patrons who hold tickets with a specific promotion to a specific set of concerts. We want to know how many households hold tickets to these specific concerts. I now know that I need to use the “Having” button, but cannot figure out the best report to get my result, because I never know which report has the “Having” button as an option.


Hi Sal! For a list of patrons you probably want a mail list, not a report. Because the Having Button is aggregating, I would think it needs to have a clear dimension to aggregate across. A mail list is very clear - it’s aggregating across a patron number. But reports seem harder to me to define what that dimension is. I’m not sure it works for report or export criteria at all actually. Hmmm, never really thought about it this hard before. The Help Pages only show it on a Mail List as well. Feel like I need to think about that harder, but in any case, you can run your mail list and if you want report data in addition to patron data, just reference that mail list in your report criteria. Attached is a mail list criteria that finds patrons who have non-comp tickets to at least 3 different events within a list of specified events (in our case two years worth of a dedicated world music series). Would something like this work for your needs? 09%20PM