Reporting on Coupons

Hey all,

What report do you use to see how many coupons were used for each coupon code for an event?

Thank you!

Hi Mary,

I am still looking into finding a way to run a report on codes used for an event but I do know you can search a code to access that code’s redemption history.

If you go to Setup -> System Tables -> Coupon and Pre-Access Codes, a window will pop up where you can search the codes you have used. When you open the information window for a specific code, change the tab to “Redemptions” and that will give you the number of redemptions, order numbers and transaction detail which can lead you to opening the patron’s account if needed.

If I want coupon usage (not tickets), then I just go to the coupon “redemption” tab directly.

If you need ticket/event data for coupon usage, well, that can honestly be quite frustrating to pull. When I reached out to Artsman about it (this was over a year ago mind you so things could have changed), they recommended making a dedicated sales promotion and sales rule for every coupon. So this is often what we do for easy reporting from the Sales tab of an Event. But it definitely makes for lots of “duplicate” promotions. (We’re drowning in duplicate promos at this point, so we’ve started trying to better predict who’ll need what reporting and use “generic” sales rules and promos as often as possible, screw the reporting ease.)

If you don’t have a dedicated/single-use promo, that means that you’re pretty much in export and Excel world. You can get to “Coupon Header” data from the Shopping Cart Detail or Patron Transactions data files. So, you could run the Record Count Report, for example, with shopping cart data, but I believe that doesn’t show you non-online order usage of a coupon. Similarly, you could select specific coupons in reports like “Transaction History by Patron”, but it doesn’t seem to connect to any ticket or event data, so criteria and reporting summary options are limited. I admittedly didn’t try all of the data files, but I just tested and can confirm that you can’t get to coupon data from ticket data, orders or payment info.

Here’s some export options - I apologize now if I have way overcomplicated a thing that has a simpler solution:

  • Down and Dirty: Export the coupon “Redemption” tab, strip the text out of the “Description” field in Excel and then sum up the tickets that way. (Warning, I don’t think that this will reflect tickets sold with this coupon that were subsequently refunded, so this method is subject to some inaccuracy.)

  • For Reals: Export coupon “Redemption” tab, then export ticket information for the event/events, then match the two “tables” back up in Excel (index/match or vlookup) using order #.