Sales Reports and Reveal

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!

I was wondering if anyone is using Reveal for sales reporting? I’ve been pulling a few reports to try to give management a good picture of daily sales and that’s been “ok”. I pull these daily:

  1. Revenue Attendance Counts Quick (rRevenuePriceQuick) - I pull one that’s by performance and one by play
  2. Order Detail - by Date (Tickets Only) (rOrderDetail3)
  3. Sales Detail (rDailySalesDetail)
  4. Revenues by Promotion (Detailed Breakdown) (rRevenuePromo) - to get the breakdown of casual vs subscription, etc.

I was directed to Reveal by support at ArtsMan, and it looks amazing but it doesn’t have the daily detail that we’re looking for. It’s great for big picture for month to month over longer periods of time but we’re also looking for the breakdown of daily sales and percentages. I think that maybe I’m missing how to get that information. It’s a really wonderful tool with amazing visuals in graphs, but it looks like I should be able to get more detailed daily information as well.

Thanks for any help!