Scanners: What equipment are you using? What can it do?

We are wondering a few things:

Does everyone use the Linea Pro 2D scanners?
Do you use it with an iPod touch? are they the 5 series?
Aside from scanning patrons in, are there any other functions in AMS?

Hi Stephanie,

Artsman standardized on the Linea Pro 2D scanners in 2013. The vast majority of scanners in the field are mated with iPod Touch devices. Apple has maintained the physical characteristics of iPod from series 5 to the current series 7. And therefore, any of these older iPods will work in a series 5 scanning sled.

Tod Wilson

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We use them. They scan patrons in and out.

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Thank you for responding Mary, do you ever have issues with connectivity? or the scanner not responding to the password in the settings? do you know how the software gets updated?

Thank you for responding Tod, do you know how the software gets updated? is it possible to use the scanner for any TM features like selling a ticket? or finding out how many tickets have been scanned in?

As long as your wifi is strong in the areas you will be using them, connectivity ought not to be an issue. We did have a bit of an issue when we first started using them, but we put in another router, and haven’t had issues since then.

The biggest problem we have had is operator error. :blush: Volunteers will accidentally touch “Scan Out” with their thumb, and not realize it. Then they try to scan a patron in, and the scanner beeps at them. It’s an easy fix - touch “Scan In”.

We use Guided Access which basically locks the screen so that the user can’t accidentally leave that page or tap something they’re not supposed to. It’s been a life saver. There is a help page on the ArtsMan help site.


Hi Todd, do these scanners need to be purchased thru Artsman?