Selling merchandise with ticket sales

We have a group renting our theatre for a three-week run. They would like to have the option of selling a CD with their tickets online.Any suggestions on how to set this up? Was thinking of either creating its own “event” with start dates that coincide with their run, or doing an extra price code (i.e. Adult ticket, adult ticket + CD, senior ticket, senior ticket + cd etc.)

Thank you!

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Hi - and welcome to TM Community! There’s multiple ways to do this of course, but we sell dance recital and graduation DVDs via dedicated events. Without further details, I think I would probably recommend keeping merch sales separate from the main event, especially for anything more complicated than a one or two-price general admission event. It’s just the most flexible structure for use over time.

You can still cross-sell with a ticketed event in the webstore by adding a note and hyperlink to the merch event on the main event’s external performance notes. Here’s an example since I can never remember the html on my own:

Add on our exclusive merch package:<a href="">Click Here</a>

We also usually setup an internal workflow notification for merch sales.

If you and your renter prefer to keep it all in one event, then I would recommend a dedicated promotion or two with the merchandise lift built-in instead of separate price codes. This is especially true if it’s a reserved seating event. You could certainly create dedicated price codes, but personally I like that the promotion version will let you A) setup different accounts to receive the merch portion of the income, B) easily use the Sales tab of an event to track merch sales, C) setup workflow notifications just for merch sales and D) allow more space for a patron-friendly external name. I also feel like it’s a simpler patron search online than price code, though that’s just a personal search preference I suppose.