Selling tickets for off site events

We sell tickets for our venue as well as other venues. We have been thinking of ways to make it obvious to our patrons when an event is not at our theatre. In chatting with some other venues I came across the idea of creating a 2nd web page that sells only off site tickets. Is it possible to have some events post to our main ticket web page, and have others post to a different page?

Does anyone have any other ways that they handle this issue?

On our TM ticketing page, all of our events are listed on the one page. Each event has the venue listed underneath.

On our website, though, we have event categories for All Events, At the Tidemark, Off Site Events, and Streaming Events.

Thankfully, we haven’t had too much trouble with people buying tickets to events at other venues and thinking they were at our theatre.

I think part of that may be because we send out a dedicated email newsletter announcing each event, which is the main way that people hear about events we have for sale. On the newsletter, we are very clear, stating the location multiple times if it is not at our venue.

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Thanks Mary!

Yes, this is more or less what we currently do as well, and seems to be what works with Theatre Manager the best. We just inevitably have people who don’t read everything carefully and as we would like to be selling more tickets for offsite in the future I want to make sure I’ve thought of all the options.

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We have theatres in three different cities and have had so for years and years. We also sell tickets for other organization’s off-site events. And we have repeat multi-city buyers who still don’t read and show up to the wrong theatre :slight_smile: We have done a few things to make it more obvious like increasing the size of the text that lists the venue on the e-tickets and automated ticket reminders. For our main theatres, we also have dedicated sales promotions and we make sure to include “@ X” in the external name of those promotions for online buyers.

We have batted around the idea of using an outlet instance of TM as a community ticket seller site so off-site and other organizations’ events can live in their own dedicated webstore with different branding than our stuff. This is a more drastic option though that needs enough external ticketing services to justify the cost and work.

I think Mary’s webstore categories makes more sense for most of us who only ticket a few things a year outside of our own spaces.

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