Send a reciept to a secondary address

I have a patron who donates each year via her company. I know that when setting up the donation I can switch between individual and corporate for the name, but is there a way to do this for the address? Generally I want our correspondence to go to her primary address, but this one donation each year I would like to send to her company address. Is this possible without temporarily setting the company address to primary and then switching it back after?

Hi @ASSSI Megan! To be up front, this is definitely not an area of TM I use regularly, so take the following with a grain of salt :slight_smile: I’m not aware of a specific way to link specific patron letters/emails only to specific non-primary contacts. But in brainstorm mode, I have a couple of ideas:

  • If the company donation is made at the same time every year, you could setup a recurring address schedule change.
  • It sounds like this patron has personal and company-related activity with your venue. If so, this may be a good opportunity to have a separate company patron account to track the company activity specifically (and separate from this patron’s individual transactions). You could use the Relations Tab to create a link between the patron’s individual account and the company account. (I suppose you could also use soft credits on the company donations if you also want the individual record to receive credit for these company donation values, but this may be further than you want to go.)

Hope this helps sparks some others’ ideas!