Separate Pricing for Courses

hi all,

I’ve got a question from my education department. They are wanting to have two separate prices for a course based on either taking the full course or just dropping in.

Is there a way i can list both as an option for the course or would i need to go about this in a separate way.

for example: registration for the complete class of 7 would be $120.00 but a drop-in class would be 20.00 per class.

they would like the option to buy the courses as one offs or buy in to all 7.

I hope i have asked this clearly or if i have just stirred up mud maybe i can help clarify it.

So you want a drop in rate and a full course rate? Interesting. You may quick be approaching plugin territory here, but as a brainstorm start, you could setup the camp/semester either as courses with individual classes or general admission events with multiple performances. Let the main online sale price be the drop in rate per class so patrons have to select the dates they are showing up. Separately sell the whole camp/semester as a package via a pass. Then either internally book comps into the individual class sessions for those pass buyers or have a sales rule on your pass that patrons redeem as comps online themselves. Depending on class size and popularity, you might need to manage inventory a little and make sure you hold some back from sale for pass buyers so drop in folks don’t fill it up before you can book spots for semester buyers. You could also do an event with two performances - one for $20 with a performance note about a 1-class drop-in rate and one for $120 with a performance note about all seven session dates. This just doesn’t give you information about the exact session date that drop in folks will show up and again will require a little bit of an eye on available spot management across the two performances. Well I suppose you could have a performance for the whole thing and a performance for each class session - might just make the inventory issue more annoying without getting you a lot. You might be able to jigger a general admission subscription as well so that there’s a discount for folks buying the full package of classes, but that’s a little awkward, especially as each session would need to be it’s own event. Hm, that’s what Danny and I brainstormed initially sans plugin (and before coffee on my part - never a wise idea) - curious to hear what others suggest!