Social Distance Ticket Scanning

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on some ideas for “social distance ticket scanning” and wanted to share what I came up with. We decided to get wireless barcode scanners on stands, and the patron could scan their own ticket, while our staff has a device nearby to see the result.

You just need a barcode scanner that has a continuous mode, and sends a carriage return after the scan. I just tested this and it works great:

I’m not sure what devices we are using yet. Right now, I am testing it on other devices that are not our iPod scanners as we may use tablets or a computer. You can use the TM attendance webpage ( with a slight modification. I added a script to automatically place the cursor in the ticket # field so you don’t have to click anything on the page - the patrons can just continuously scan their tickets and the result will refresh on your device.

Here is a link to the HTML for TMattendance.html:

You can now use any device to scan via the webpage and wireless scanners.


Hi Eric! We’re thinking of using your method for self-scanning stations here at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall as our iPod/iPhones keep breaking. How did your testing go with this method? Are you using it this season at SPAC? Thanks!


Just wondering if you had success with this method?

Hi BettyJo! I was not successful in using the TMattendance webpage to scan tickets through due to an update that captures too much information when scanning with the Tera scanners. However, I am using 4 user profiles in TM to scan directly into the ‘Confirm Attendance’ feature under ‘Accounting’ with different Tera scanners that are Bluetooth enabled. The Tera scanner just takes over the keyboard function of the computer/laptop.

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