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Hi Everyone,

Hoping for some creative input on an issue I have inherited. Currently we offer individual memberships and couples memberships for our venue. The individual memberships are pretty straightforward, but the couples memberships have been giving us some trouble.

To our patrons we advertise a couples membership as costing $50. Internally when we sell a couples membership, we are actually selling two $25 memberships and putting one on each of the couples profiles. We do this so that when we pull up a list of memberships we have both names on the list. We need to have both names available as they each get a vote at our AGM.

This has created some really finicky workarounds for our box office which I would love to streamline. Our more skilled volunteers will sell both on one profile and then transfer one, others will do two transactions - one on each profile, some will take the $50 payment and leave me a note so that I can organize the memberships. Can anyone think of a better way to do this?

My 2nd and related question is is it possible for me to set up an alert where I get an email any time someone purchases a couples membership online?

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Hi Megan–
I have a similar problem with memberships purchased by a couple and I haven’t really found a way around the problem other than transferring or selling them separately as you’ve mentioned above.

The part I might be able to help with is having TM email you when a couple membership is sold. You can use the Workflow Notification process to generate that email to you. It’s a little complicated to set up, but there are pretty good step by step instructions here: There are 3 parts: Create the notification, create a form letter to deliver the notification, assign the notification to a workflow.

I use that WFN for a couple of different things–notifying our fundraising dept when there’s a new donation so they can contact the donor (by phone or with a thank you note) as well as when a ticket or gift certificate is sold that needs to be mailed instead of sent electronically is purchased. There are a lot of other possibilities, but that’s what I’m using currently.

It took me a couple of tries to get the kinks worked out and for it to do what I wanted it to do, but now that its working, it’s a great tool.

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I was going to suggest the Workflow Notification as well! I have this set up so that if we sell a Corporate Membership, I get a notification so that I can add the company to our website, which is one of the perks.

As for ease of selling the couples membership, you may want to talk to ArtsMan about building a plugin for you. Then it can be customized for your needs.

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I’m interested in this answer too…