Subscribe to My Tasks - what client?

Hi everyone,

EMPAC loves the “subscribe to my tasks” calendar. We recently noticed that Google only updates subscribed calendars about once a day. I am just wondering if anyone else is using this feature, and what clients that are using. If anyone has best practices for this, I’d love to hear about it. This is how we do it (pasted below).

How to access your private task calendar

This calendar is presented on the web, not inside the TM application. TM hosts a public “Tickets” site that customers log into to purchase tickets online. To access this calendar you must log in as a customer. Customer login passwords are different from Employee login passwords.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login link
  3. Your login name is your RPI email address.
  4. If the password autocompletes, log in. If not, click “Forgot my Password”
  5. The system will email you a link to reset your Tickets login password. This does NOT reset your TM application login password.
  6. Set a password, and then log in.
  7. You will see “My Patron Services”, “Account Management”, and “Contact Us”
  8. Under My Patron Services, click “Calendars”.
  9. Verify that there is a long string of characters after “Your calendar subscription token is”. If not, click Reset Calendar Token. (You only need to do this once).
  10. Then under “Private Calendars”, click “My Upcoming Tasks”
  11. This shows all tasks in which you are included.
  12. Click the “Subscribe” button to subscribe this calendar to your default personal calendar program. If this is Google, the calendar will also show up on your devices.

Hi @David! As you know, EMPAC is way ahead of Proctors in terms of Facilities Management use (though we are now processing rental billings through it and tracking our presented show expenses). So I can’t offer much insight, though on a personal note I’ll say that my fiance and I rely heavily on the My Upcoming Events calendar subscription and we have seen a similar thing with the subscription on his Google calendar - it’s usually a little shower to reflect a change than my Apple Calendar is. I’ve not dug into this really except to note it’s true. Happy to test something with you if that would be helpful though!

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