Subscribing to Calendars

There’s been a question recently about using the calendar for scheduling, and being able to view a public calendar on the website.

The help files have a great file about calendars:

From your own account, you can subscribe to Upcoming Events (all), My Upcoming Events (ones you have purchased tickets for), My Upcoming Activities and My Upcoming Tasks. These all create ics files that you can subscribe to on your phone, or desktop calendar.

You can also view sample calendars:

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Marc Jennings - You could create events for your Board Members, and buy them tickets to those events. Or you could create an activity or task and add them to it.

In our case, using the facilities module, I think I would use the Activity Calendar, which is built in to the ticketing web site. Then I would add the indicated people to Tasks as Participants. All those capitalized words have a special specific meaning in TM.

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