Summer Camp Registration

We are moving our summer arts camp registration process online to eliminate unnecessary in-person contact between registrants and staff. Does anyone already offer camp or class registration online through Theatre Manager so that I can see how you have set up the sales portal, required information, approval of “photo release” statement, etc.? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hey I am mostly following to see if anyone says anything about the photo release!

However we have been doing online sales and registration for our Drama School throughout the pandemic.

You can check it out here:

We still have to follow up with a photo release and emergency contact form. But for the most part we are working on streamlining this process. So feel free to check out.

Also email me if you have questions:

Hello Stephie,
It is easy to set up your registration as a ticketed event on TM.
We then set up a Google Form to capture all the info that included the photo release and details such as allergies, who can pick up camper etc. Once a registration came in we sent the link to the form. The great thing is that this generates a spreadsheet of all of your campers with all the details.

Thanks Sioban, that’s what I was thinking as a solution!

First, I’m going to ask parents to make sure their profiles are updated through the TM online portal. We’ve always done registration on paper and I can’t tell you how many times a parent says I haven’t received any emails, well, that’s because I thought you had written a “1” when it was an capital “I” or lower case 'l". So that step should eliminate a lot of unnecessary work.

Then, I’ll make sure the children they are registering for camp are included and updated in their household/account profiles.

Then I’ll direct them to a Google Form with the information we can’t capture through Theatre Manager, all of the policy/behavior agreements, photo release, etc.

We’re doing our best to save trees by making it a paperless process and make it more efficient with less manual entry on our side. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Stephanie,

We have several clients selling Camp Admissions through Theatre Manager. Many of them have requested custom plug-ins to collect mandatory data regarding participants.

I think one for the most detailed examples would be Manitoba Theatre for Young People. If you visit their web site here, and click the New Patron button then scroll to the bottom of the window you can see the details they are collecting. Parents create a Patron Record in their Household for the child/attendee online. They fill in the details for the attendee. All of the information is populated into fields within the attendees Patron Record in Theatre Manager. The plug-in triggers on checkout to ensure the required information is entered before the patron can complete their online purchase.

We do have other examples but I think this covers most of what you have commented on in your initial question.

Have a wonderful day,


Yes! This is brilliant! Do I need to speak with Darwin to get this set up for us?


Hi Stephanie,

Yes, that’s correct. Darwin would be the person to work with you on create the plugin and customizing the web pages. I know he has a pretty full schedule so the sooner you can reach out to him the sooner he can add this project to his calendar.


Rock on! I’ll reach out to him immediately.