Ticket Converter Tool - covid

There are a few companies releasing ticket converter tools to allow patrons to make the switch from a show ticket to a donation, credit or refund. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything from ArtsMan regarding this. I do not want to use another software’s tool but I’m dreading the moment when 4000 patrons start calling our tiny box office (currently just me) for make all these changes.
I’m hoping ArtsMan is working on releasing a similar tool or maybe they already have and I’m late for the party… :slight_smile:

Hi Kayla, great questions. Artsman has a dedicated COVID-19 help page that covers a wide range of topics, including working from home, refunding options, creating social distancing maps, a new quicklink feature for adding specific donation amounts to any link, etc.

Theatre Manager’s COVID-19 Help Page

There’s also a new and growing YouTube library of How-To’s for Theatre Manager. The “Refunds in Theatre Manager” playlist is getting a lot of hits as clients figure out different business solutions to the pandemic crisis, including Refunding Tickets to Donations, Refunding to Gift Certificates, Refunding to Passes, and Refunding for Events. All of these methods are there so organizations can do their best to keep ticket revenues within the organization during these difficult times.

Artsman’s YouTube Page
Refunds Playlist

All the tools are there in Theatre Manager to convert tickets into pretty much anything within the system. And of course, email or call support at anytime if you need one on one help with any of the tools.

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