Total donations within a fiscal

Hello all!

I’ve never been asked to pull this one before so I’m not sure the best report/criteria to use.
I’m being asked for a list of donors within a fiscal who donated a total of $100 or more, combined donation amounts.
We have a several monthly donors through CanadHelps with smaller amounts, but would like anyone who contributed, collectively, $100+ over the span of a fiscal, to be recognized.
Let me know what you suggest.

Thank you all in advance!

Hi Kayla,

We would suggest starting with a Mail List in Theatre Manager. This will allow you to use the Having feature as a part of your criteria. The criteria would look something like this:

Executing this Mail List will provide you with a list of patrons names and contact information. To find out how much they gave you can use similar criteria to the above in any donation report. Since Having is exclusive to Mail Lists you’ll want to replace that line in the report with:

By including the same criteria and replacing the Having line with the Mail List you’ll be able to pull only those patrons on the list and only those donations that fall within the additional criteria in your report parameters.

If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to support and we will be happy to help.