Tracking exchanges

Hi all,

Is there a way for me to track the number of exchanges per production and the number of tickets per exchange?

thanks for the assistance.

Hi Zachary! You can access Tran Code in Patron Transaction data file criteria. There are transaction codes for Ticket Exchange From and Ticket Exchange To. To get an average number of tickets per exchange, you might have to make some business decisions and export the report or direct data. For example, do you want to consider the quantity of Exchange To tickets only or both the From’s and To’s? Then you can count based on unique order number. I’ve attached an example Transaction History by Patron report for funsies.


To note, this can get messy fast if your organization doesn’t process consistently. We have a bad habit of sometimes processing an exchange by returning tickets on an order then adding new tickets to that now credited order, which obviously won’t trigger one of these exchange transaction codes. So sometimes I try to get a sense of how much that impacts us by pulling refunds for an event for patrons on a mail of current ticket holders. It’s not perfect, but gives a quick sense of how much “alternative” processing we do.

Curious to hear if others have a different way of going about this!