TTT April 1, 2021

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1. Managing or Cleaning Up Receivables

It could be part of your regular End-of-Day Wizard steps, or during the monthly Receivables Review process with your accountant, or after the last performance of the season has completed. There will be a time when your team needs to review the outstanding Accounts Receivables list within Theatre Manager.

Go to Accounting -> Receivables -> Receivables Listing to review the current snapshot of what’s On Account, what’s Owed to Patrons, and what has yet to be collected. The best practice is to review this list at a minimum every month to assess what remains as “collectible” and what should be “written off”.

2. Reveal Widgets - For Year to Year Comparisons

Reveal is the Theatre Manager web application that provides insight into your sales data in real-time. Widgets display selected live data from your database in the form of graphs and charts in a dashboard that you can create and customize.

You can easily customize and see Year by Year comparisons of Events, and Pass Types using the Event Comparison, and the Pass Type Comparison Widgets. Set the parameters and watch in real-time your revenue and count for each Event, or Pass, for each year side by side. This is great for showing a visual representation of the data for board, marketing planning, or related finance meetings.

3. Drag & Drop Patrons Into a Mail List

Did you know you can drag and drop patrons from a list window onto a Mail list? This is a fast and efficient way of creating a Mail List without having to define criteria.

Example: Open a donation campaign and use the Donations tab to search for donations between x and y dates. These patrons can then be dragged and dropped directly into the Who’s In tab of a Mail List.

Other Patron List windows where this feature can be used include the Attendance Tab in an Event, the Patron tab in Membership/Gift Certificates, the Patron Contact List window, the Tickets tab in Coupon/Pre-Access Codes and more.