TTT April 22, 2021

Top Image April 22

1. Streaming With a Third Party Link

Are you required to use a third-party video service outside of the supported Theatre Manager providers? Theatre Manager offers the ability to embed the third-party video service URL links in iFrame or Custom Content fields. This will allow your organization to continue to sell and have your patrons watch your programming directly from your ticketing site.

There are many benefits to this:

  • Security Access Controls with the streaming content to prevent sharing with others
  • Ability to send Default Email Reminders with URL links to watch the performance is ready for use
  • Patrons remain on your ticketing web site throughout the viewing experience
  • No need for patrons to create a new account on the third-party video service after they purchase the ticket.

2. Reveal Widget - Weekly Sales

Reveal is a Theatre Manager web application that provides insight into your sales data in real-time . Widgets display live data from your database in the form of graphs and charts in a dashboard that you can create and customize. This means that when you are watching a dashboard and a ticket is sold or a donation is made, Reveal will change the appropriate graph immediately in real-time.

The Daily Sales Widget is a great way to see all the Sales for a selected time period that includes all revenue streams of Tickets, Donations, Memberships, Rentals, and Resources. This is the perfect widget to set up for your team to monitor sales in real-time and compare sales to the previous day’s activity.

3. Where Do the Labels in Item Column of an Online Shopping Cart Come From?

With the recent addition of Resources and their ability to be sold online, we would like to take a moment and highlight the importance of how patrons see content on the ticketing site and specifically within their cart. Prior to our current Resources Feature, items like Merchandise may have been set up as an Event or a Pass. Visually they would have been listed as such online.

Now with the use of Resources, we can categorize these items correctly as Merchandise or Rentals. This leads to a more accurate display online and better tracking within Theatre Manager.