TTT April 23, 2020


1. Setting Suggested Donation Amounts on Renewal Notices

There are a four ways to set a suggested donation for patrons when sending out the subscription renewal notices. You can set:

  1. a specific suggested donation for all subscriptions - for example $100.00
  2. a suggestion that is a percentage value of the total subscription - for example 15%
  3. a different suggested amount for each patron - which is entered directly on the favourite seats subscription window
  4. a custom value for each donor based on a calculation from prior donation history

2. Two New Output Options When Merging Letters

We’ve added two new options for when you are merging letters in Theatre Manager.

Merge to a PDF - allows you to specify a directory and each form letter that is processed successfully will be merged into that folder as a PDF document. You can use this to batch process form letters that you may want to add to personal emails - such as tax receipt letters.

Merge and don’t print - is designed to allow the addition of the form letter to the patron record for tracking purposes. This could be useful if you used a print-house/graphic arts company to print, merge, and mail letters or brochures to patrons in large numbers. Merging and not printing against the same set of patrons would result in a letter on the patron record that is marked printed, yet it is never actually printed. This can be used for tracking and subsequent building of mail lists for customers that do not respond.

3. Date Field Comparison Conditions

We have added two new comparison conditions to Date Fields for reports and mail lists:

is in next - This condition means that the the date is in the next xx days/weeks/months/years from the current date. You could use this to find items that are coming up, such as:

  • report on events in the next month
  • letters due to be printed in the next month
  • volunteer activities scheduled in the next 2 weeks
  • passes or gift certificates about to expire in the next 7 weeks

is in last - This condition can be used on dates to search for in the last xx days/weeks/months/years from the current date. You could use this to find:

  • donations in the last week
  • events in the past month
  • volunteers in past 90 days
  • emails in the past 2 days
  • etc.