TTT April 28, 2022

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1. Correcting a Donation That Went to The Wrong Patron

On occasion, you may discover a fully paid donation has accidentally ended up on the wrong donor account. The good news is, there’s an easy fix. We recommend reviewing these steps outlined in Correcting donation on WRONG patron account(Payment deposited) to successfully transfer the donation order to the correct patron.

2. Filter Based on Email Type

Have you ever tried to find specific correspondence for a long term patron and find yourself scrolling through 100’s of subject lines on the Letter tab? To help speed things up, a new set of filters has been added. As an example, users can now quickly filter emails that have been generated by Web Sales for Ticket Confirmations or locate specific Workflow Notifications containing only Donation Alerts. You can find the new filter options at the bottom of the Letter tab.

3. Email Single invoice for Multiple Orders

You can now email a single invoice for multiple orders provided all orders belong to the same patron. This is an efficient way to consolidate purchase details for a patron.