TTT April 7, 2022

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1. Patrons Who Haven’t Purchased Tickets Recently

Ever wonder which loyal patrons have forgotten to come recently? Mail Lists are an excellent marketing tool to find these patrons. Use the Marketing Year-Last Ticket Purchase field from their patron record.

Here’s a sample of criteria used to locate patrons who haven’t purchased tickets in the last 3 years:

2. Refunding a Previously Used Pass

Sometimes we might find ourselves in a position where we need to refund a previously redeemed pass. This can be done by simply voiding the payment the pass was used for, updating the pass setup and also updating the value of the Pass. We don’t delete a pass because it’s tied to a transaction. One of the golden rules in Theatre Manager states that anything associated with a transaction should remain for the sake of audit purposes.

3. Report Links Available in General Ledger Reports

Our list of reports with clickable links continues to grow! We recently added links to all General Ledger Reports. By clicking a link within a report, Theatre Manager will take you to the relevant detail window for whatever data you’ve clicked on.

Check out any of these G/L reports!