TTT August 1, 2019

1. Task Records in Facility Management

There may be many projects and/or tasks on a calendar or in a venue. There are columns that allow you to see who the owner of the task is (so you know if you can edit it) and a quick view of all the participants.

2. Options for Filtering Tasks

Tasks, which are the essential part of Facility Management, have a number of great search features to help you find the relevant information or interactions with patrons such as meetings, social engagements, projects, attachments you’ve added for granting agencies, etc.

For those without the Facility Management Module, some basic task data is available to track interactions with customers such as complaints, kudo’s, meetings and followups.

3. Convert Refunded Tickets into a Donation

Occasionally you may have a patron advise you that they cannot attend an upcoming event and rather than having the tickets refunded, they would like your organization to keep the money as a donation.

This is easy to do in Theatre Manager and the steps highlighting how to do this can be found in our help pages.