TTT - August 16 2018


1. Want to find money you may not know you had?

Theatre Manager follow the rules of accrual accounting. This means that it tracks all your receivables for you.

But what if the list gets long and seems out of hand? There are ways to help you manage it better. When the list reflects only patrons who really owe you money, you’ll have a much better picture of what money is coming and when.

It may mean a small effort to clean it up for the first time - but you might find some patrons who you should ask to pay what they owe, or convert what you owe them into a small donation – simply by looking at the age of the receivable.

2. is Updating Their IP Addresses has sent a number of venues an email that indicates that they are updating the IP addresses at their server. For most of you using, you have to DO NOTHING.

However, if your IT staff have outgoing firewall rules, please read the following link to see what you have to do to your outbound firewall rules and by when

3. Employee Till Balancing

The Till Balance feature in Theatre Manager is a separate audit process you can use if you want to track the cash and checks received on a per employee basis at the end of their shift.

This aids the End of Day process and adds a degree of separation of duties that some auditors will love. It is much like a supermarket, where each checkout person is responsible for their own till in the cash register and have to balance it before passing it to finance.

The Till Balance feature can be found in the Patron Sales Menu: