TTT - August 17 2017


  1. Startup Notifications

Your database is the heart of your organization. It contains years’ worth of historical, present and future data regarding Tickets, Donations, Passes and Patrons. We understand just how valuable this information can be and we also recognize the importance of communicating these key details between staff.

The Notification window is designed as a communication tool. It allows you to review new tasks assigned to you, future scheduled tasks and all upcoming reminders. It also provides a way for ArtsMan to let you know of any key System Notifications requiring attention.

The Notification window is the first thing you see when logging into Theatre Manager.

  1. Adding Multiple Relationships

Often patrons share a connection with other patrons or business within the database. These relationships help develop a stronger understanding of the patron, foster stewardship and allow us to anticipate a patrons needs. Some examples would be:

  • Employees within a company
  • A group of volunteers or donors within an organization
  • Employees who receive tickets as a part of corporate gifts
  • Patrons who sit together
  • Children within a family

A couple of the key reasons people use the Relation tab are to link season subscribers who sit together or parents who purchase classes for their children, but really there are limitless options to the ways you can use this tab.

Check out our help page that outlines the process of adding multiple relationships in more detail.

  1. Report Cards

Does your organization offer courses? Do your instructors issue reports card that they make up by hand? Did you know that you can use the Course Module in Theatre Manager to create, assign and print Report Cards? Having all of a patron’s course information available in their patron record is a great way to track what courses they have taken as well as how they did. This is handy for all current and future instructors, and using the Internal Notes section of the report card record is the perfect place to save information about the student that may be useful for the future.