TTT - August 23 2018



1. Exporting All Patron Email Addresses

Did you know that you can pull all email addresses (including non-primary emails) for a patron?

You can achieve this by exporting the Patron Contact Information to access all Patron Email addresses.

This will create an Export file of all contact information for the patron including Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Fax Numbers and Websites. The file can then be opened in Excel where it can be sorted by Location and the contact information that is not email related can be removed.

For full details on how to do this, please check out our help pages.

2. Tracking Round Up Donations in the Online Cart

Earlier this year we introduced the feature of Rounding Up the value in the web cart by creating a donation. Many of our clients are seeing great success following the implementation of this feature. Some clients have even increased ticket fees by as little as a quarter to ensure the cart is not an even dollar amount encouraging patrons to round up their cart.

Now that you are collecting donations from the cart rounding up, what is the best way to view the donations collected in the cart?

The recommended criteria would be:

The Donation Campaign will be listed in the Web Options tab of Company Preferences. The Donation Amount Actual is based on the values on the buttons in the Cart when rounding is offered. The default is to round to the nearest $1, $5 and $10. Using the above criteria in any Donation Summary Report will show the total amount collected.

3. Emailing Ticket Order Invoice

There may be times when the patron requires a receipt of the ticket sale emailed directly to them. This can easily be done once the Invoice is generated using the Email button. This will create a PDF attachment of the Invoice that can be emailed directly to the address on the patron record.


I attempted the patron export, following the linked instructions carefully, but couldn’t complete it because I received the following error when clicking “Done”. There is no “UnGroup” button in the toolbar. Any advice?

“Search criteria has an incorrect distribution of brackets. Please click the ‘UnGroup’ button in the toolbar and attempt to create the nececsary bracket groups again.”


Hi Tommy,
If you would like to send a screenshot of your criteria to the support team along with these details we will be happy to take a look at it for you.