TTT August 24, 2023

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1. Built-In Queue For High-Demand Online Sales

Theatre Manager’s built-in queue is a valuable tool for managing your high demand online sales directly inside your database. You can now enable a queue and then select Artsman’s built-in free server option, in addition to the for-pay Queue-It option.

Queueing allows thousands of simultaneous visitors to your website without overwhelming your system. During a large volume on-sale, patrons are automatically funneled through a special waiting room and presented with their place in line. This dedicated waiting room manages how many patrons can access the webstore, letting new patrons in only when existing buyers complete their cart.

2. Employee Till Balancing

The Till Balance functionality empowers every employee to reconcile their individual tills at the conclusion of each shift. This expedites the End of Day process and eliminates the potential for errors that could occur when employees have already departed for the day.

This feature is particularly relevant for payments that require careful validation before being sent to finance for deposit. These payments encompass physical forms such as cash, checks, returned passes, and post-dated payments. In cases where mistakes might occur, an additional review is necessary, coupled with extra handling using the Till Balance feature helps to scrutinize them. It’s important to note that card transactions are exempt from this balancing procedure, as the system automatically generates the card amounts for the bank, ensuring complete accuracy and preventing any discrepancies.

3. Recipients Button on Form Letter List Window

The Recipient List for a letter can be accessed directly from the Form Letter List window.

This feature can be used to review details of who was sent the selected letter. The list can be further refined using the drop-down filters to search by patron name, date scheduled, or status. The Recipient List window can also be used to review who has or has not opened letters sent by emails.