TTT August 26, 2021


1. Confirmation of Patron Vaccine Status

Many clients have reached out to ask for recommendations on managing State, Provincial, or Territory requirements regarding mask mandates and proof of vaccine. This is a delicate subject. Attempting to track who is or is not vaccinated in Theatre Manager poses many potential issues including infringing on a patron’s privacy.

For this reason, we recommend preparing statements regarding Covid-19 measures and vaccine policies. This information can be read to patrons purchasing in person or over the phone. Online links to this content can be added to the Terms & Conditions web page and mandatory approval enabled to ensure patrons understand the process before completing their purchase.

2. Using Email Reminders to Share Important Information
Often there are venue or performance-related details we need to share with or remind our patrons of prior to attending a performance. This can be as simple as a reminder of the performance start time. Or as detailed as providing a link to policies surrounding covid protocols.

To assist with sharing information with patrons we recommend the Reminder Email feature in Theatre Manager. The Reminder Email can be customized for an event or a performance. Edit the Email Reminder web page and set the Performance to automatically send an email prior to the performance start time.

3. YouTube Video - Coupon & Pre-Access Codes

Coupons in Theatre Manager can be used for a variety of ticket discounts, and pre-sale access. This is a great marketing tool to provide VIP access to advance ticket purchases online or a particular discount to entice groups of patrons to purchase tickets for your upcoming season.

See our YouTube library for videos on how to set up Coupon or Pre-Access Codes.