TTT - August 30 2018



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Three Thought Thursday - August 30, 2018

Welcome to our Three Thought Thursday for August 30, 2018. Here are your thoughts for this week…

1. Donor Detail - Donor & Pledge Report

If you are looking for a list of donors over a specific period of time that contains both donation and address information, we would recommend running the Donor Detail - Donor & Pledge Report. If you run it with the criteria that [Donation Date] is between (Date 1) and (Date 2), it will give you the individual donation amounts.


Will become this…

2. Patrons Subscribing to Your Calendars

Did you know that it is possible for your patrons to subscribe to your calendars so that they can keep up to date on the shows that they have purchased tickets to for your organization? It’s a quick way for them to add the events to their electronic calendars of choice. This is easily done through the Calendars link within the online sales under their Account:

From there, they would select the option “My Upcoming Events” on the Private Calendars:

If they want to subscribe and have these events added to their calendars, then they need only click on the ‘Subscribe’ button and follow the steps appropriate for their calendar application.

3. Merging Mail Lists

Over time, you may find that some of your mail lists may contain relatively the same information, and it might make more sense to combine these lists into one. Example:

If all four lists were merged, then you would have one master list with all the information needed. Merging mail lists will only copy the data of the patrons belonging to the list.

For steps on how to merge mail lists, please check out our help pages.