TTT December 19, 2019

1. Changing Maps for Specific Performances

Did you know that it’s possible to change the pricing map associated with a single performance? Often this is used when implementing demand pricing or when a tier structure may apply to select performances. Complete instructions on how to change a map for a select performance can be found in this help page.

2. Randomizing Mail Lists

Sometimes we come across a situation where we need a random selection of patrons in our mail list. They may happen when:

  • Creating a number of random lists for a lottery-based on sale system. The resulting mail lists can be used for different coupon/pre-access codes as a means of distributing alternating purchase times to patrons buying online.
  • Generating a random subset of people in a mail list for marketing purposes such as surveys or invitations to special events.
  • Taking a general mail list that is slightly bigger than a mail out budget and deciding (randomly) who should be mailed.
  • Breaking up a list of patrons into random groupings to distribute the e-blast across a multitude of senders.
  • Separating a list of patrons into generally equal subsets for a true A-B marketing testing approach.

A few thoughts about these lists:

Please make sure to remove the lists when you no longer need them.

3. Ensuring Custom Web Pages Receive Latest Web Page Updates

(For Self-Hosted Clients)

We often get asked by clients how they can ensure that their custom web pages receive the latest web page updates. The answer to question is two-fold:

  • conduct a periodic review of the Release Notes to see what web pages have been recently updated.
  • conduct period web page comparisons.

To help you out with this, we have put together a list of helpful links to our help pages that will guide you through the process: