TTT December 22, 2022

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1. Status Bar Subtotaling Example - Event Sale Totals

Theatre Manager’s Window Status Bar provides fast access to your data with its built-in subtotaling feature. For example, you can select the last seven days in an Event’s Sales tab to see the prior week’s ticket activity:

By default, the location of this Window Status Bar is the bottom of each window. Try moving it to the top in your employee preferences to keep this subtotaling functionality top of mind!

2. Setting - Transaction IP Velocity Filter

The merchant provider has a fraud detection feature called Transaction IP Velocity Filter. This filter defines the number of payment transactions that can be received from the same IP address within an hour.

The default per-hour number is 10. This value should be increasing to align with the number of transactions required at the box office and/or online when there are heavy traffic days, like a big onsale or selling an hour before a performance.

When an IP address has hit it’s limit of transactions in an hour, Theatre Manager passes on this message from

3. Batch Functions - Patron Balances

The Batch Function Patron Balances is a great box office management tool to verify the totals of all orders for a specific patron and to ensure their orders are in balance. This tool is useful when a patron’s account displays a balance in the Contact List and at the top of the Patron Record but there are no balances due in the Orders tab.

Criteria for verifying patron balances can be by specific patron number or order date range: