TTT - December 6, 2018



1. Mail List Telemarketing Report

Have you started a Holiday Telemarketing Campaign? You may find the Mail List Telemarketing Report to be a useful tool. Found under the Mail Lists Reports category, this report generates a detailed listing for each patron in a mail list that can be used for telemarketing purposes. Here is a sample of what this report can look like:

2. Year-End Rollover

We are almost at the end of the calendar year, and for a large number of our clients that means the end of another Fiscal Year. If your Fiscal Year ends on December 31st, we want to ensure that you have the tools and information in hand that you will need for a successful Year End Rollover. We know that we are still few weeks away from the end of the year, but many organizations are closed between Christmas and New Year, so we wanted you to have the information available ahead of time.

For those of you who do NOT have a December fiscal year end, you need not be concerned about this at this time. Simply tuck these instructions away for when it is your turn to do the Year End Rollover (YERO), and you’ll be ready to go!

Please note: if you do an End of Day in the new fiscal year before running Year End Rollover, any GL entries dated for the new year will not post until YERO is done. We advise running YERO as close to the fiscal year end as possible.

The most critical element of the YERO process is performing a backup of the database immediately prior to running the YERO. Use the BackupTM.bat script to make a backup, and then take the copy of the database and put it into your ‘Monthly’ Folder for safekeeping. You may want to add YERO to the name of the backup to make it recognizable.

Full instructions for Year End Rollover can be found on our help pages.

3. Cancelling Events

If you need to cancel or postpone a performance for any reason such as inclement weather, you can:

  • change the date on the performance if it is postponed - original ticket holders will now have the same tickets for the new date -or-
  • follow these steps for a Refund or Exchange process which includes suggestions for some documentation.