TTT February 11, 2021

1. Hide Lines Using Context Menus

Theatre Manager has the ability to Hide Selected Lines in any list window, allowing users to see only the data points they are more interested in. To Hide Selected Lines simply highlight the lines of data to ‘hide’, then Right Click and choose Hide Selected Lines from the context menu.

Sometimes we need to see specific data points for a patron, such as knowing the value of their ticket history minus tickets they have gifted to others . Or maybe Development Managers would like to see a patron’s donation history without seeing their Soft Credits .

To reset the view back, simply click the search button again. Give it a try the next time you are in research mode inside of a patron lookup window.

2. Enhanced Giving Trend Reports by Year or by Household

The Donor Giving Trend reports breaks down the donors’ annual giving totals for a 10 year period. By user request, we’ve updated the Donor Giving Trend by Year (Fiscal) {rDonationYearHistory} and Donor Giving Trend by Year (Program) {rDonationYearHistoryProgYr} to include two new options to subtotal the annual giving by Household and by Household within the Donation Campaign. The summary selection is located in the Sort & Subtotal tab.

3. Update to Bambora Merchant Account

For clients using Bambora as their merchant provider to process credit cards, you may have received notification from Bambora North America regarding the updating of DNS settings that are required to be configured to resolve to a new address of . No action needs to take place on your side as Theatre Manager has automatically updated the DNS settings in your merchant profile .