TTT February 16, 2023

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1. YouTube Video - Exchange Policies

Check out our latest YouTube video on Exchange Policies & Best Practices. Learn more about how the Exchange Policies section in Company Preferences works, the available exchange-specific Employee Permissions options and best practices focused on exchange-related payments.

2. Adding a Clickable Link to a Picture in a Form Letter

You can embed Links in pictures added to your Form Letters in Theatre Manager. This allows images to become clickable and take the reader to a target URL straight from their Email.

A Link can be added to a picture by inserting a URL in the Hyper-Link Tab of the Format Picture Window .

3. Viewing Payment Detail Window from the Transaction History Records

Using the Accounting, Transaction List option is a powerful way to view a curated list of transactions in the system. With the additional Payment button in the toolbar, users now have access to detailed Payment information, including the charge date, authorization number, deposit number, and much, much more.